This page is a collection of my lifting videos, often taken at my local gym. Powerlifting is probably my main hobby and I have competed a few times, under the British Powerlifting Federation.

It has been some time since my last competition but I have kept up the style of training - the foundations being squat, bench press and deadlift.

177.5kg Squat for 3 Reps

Taken 29/06/2016

Taken a couple of months after the South Midlands Open. My body was very tired around this time and I decided to take a break from squats and deadlifts for a few weeks after this session.

110kg Bench Press for 9 Reps

Taken 12/03/2018

An average night of bench press here. I'll usually flip between 110kg and 120kg, and adjust rep ranges accordingly. A night on 110kg will be in the 5-10 rep range, 120kg will be 3-5.

200kg Squat

Taken 24/04/2018

A big milestone. I have wanted a 200kg squat for years and I finally got it here, and have hit it a few times since. Now the challenge is to push on and increase it further.

140kg Bench Press

Taken 27/08/2018

I don't often attempt a one rep max on bench press but this was a bank holiday session where I do often change things up a bit as there's more time. This isn't a powerlifting legal bench press as there is no pause at the bottom, but touch and go (TAG) bench press is good to include in a powerlifting oriented training program.

225kg Deadlift for 2 Reps

Taken 07/09/2018

Very close to my one rep max at the time of capture. Pushing one rep maxes can be a mental battle and sets of 2-3 reps at 90%+ helps with confidence. This is also around the time I decided to ditch the lifting belt for deadlifts as I am not feeling the same benefit that I get using it for squats. I just find it easier to control breathing before attempting the lift.

230kg Deadlift

Taken 02/11/2018

2.5kg off my one rep max when this was taken, it's still one of those weights where I don't feel 100% sure it'll come up - that's probably more like the 215-220kg range.